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May 6, 2022
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Hello world,

I need to make a connection to my Linux Mint laptop from my Android however because of where I work I do not have fixed Wi-Fi routers or cell phone signal

I need the connection to be able to:

To remotely control the laptop with GUI
Sync files to the laptop such as backups
View media playing on the laptop
Use self hosted applications on the laptop
Access VMs on the laptop
Allow for the laptop to have a connection to another network simultaneously

One idea maybe that I could make a small router powered by laptop

Any help you could give me on this subject I will be very grateful for.

There's also TeamViewer, which is pretty easy to configure and free for *personal* use.

And a slight deviation from the above comment, I actually prefer RealVNC for my VNC needs. It just works.
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There's also TeamViewer, which is pretty easy to configure and free for *personal* use.

And a slight deviation from the above comment, I actually prefer RealVNC for my VNC needs. It just works.

I've noticed these work pretty good if you have a xWindows GUI.
But what if your Linux systems are all terminal/console, no GUI?

I have yet to find a good ssh client for android.
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You can try one simply called "SSH Client". It works well enough that I left it installed.
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Thank you all very much for the advice,

Here's some info about my setup:
Dell XPS 13
Linux Mint Desktop
Android 12

I have found AVNC as the VNC client for androids however there is something I forget to mention before, I use a VPN due to the constant use of public wifi I have been told that it is not possible to connect to VNC through these.

And maybe I should clarify with the above:

I need a direct wireless connection between the computer and the phone so that I can remotely control the computer, send files to the computer and access instance of apps running on the computer. Whilst I have the connection between the phone and computer I need the computer to still be able to access the web through the vpn normally when it gets signal. Is there anything for this?

Please pardon me and any help you can give me on this quite niche problem will be greatly appreciated, it's because I am starting work on a ship.

Thank you all again!
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*How can I remotely connect to a Linux machine using a smartphone?
Since the smartphone model was not explicitly specified, I am assuming it runs Android.

Since this was tagged with “SSH”, I am also assuming you will primarily want to use the SSH protocol for remote connections.

Install the OpenSSH server on your Linux system.
a) If your Linux system is connected straight to the Internet and has a public IP address unto itself, make sure its firewall is configured in such way that the TCP port number 22 (which is the standard SSH port) is accessible from the outside world, using the public address.

b) If your Linux system is behind a separate firewall or a (NAT) router, and if that separate device holds the public IP address to itself, make sure that device is configured to accept traffic from the Internet to the TCP port 22 of its WAN interface and can route/forward it to the Linux system in your LAN.
Install an SSH client on your smartphone. For Android, this could be e.g. ConnectBot, Irssi ConnectBot, or JuiceSSH.
Configure a connection profile in the SSH client with the public IP address of your Linux box.
Optional steps:

If your public IP address is not static but assigned dynamically by your ISP and if it may change whenever the connection drops, a) register an account (and a hostname of your choice) at some Dynamic DNS service, or b) buy your very own domain from a registrar which runs such service on your behalf. Then change the connection profile in the SSH client to use the fully-qualified hostname of your Linux box, instead of its bare IP address. You will also have to c) install and configure a dynamic DNS update client on your Linux system.
If the default Android keyboard feels too limiting, install an app called Hacker’s Keyboard, which resembles the normal PC keyboard layout and has all the missing special keys, such as the arrow keys for command-line editing.

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