Remote connect Ubuntu 20.04. LTS to Windows 10 Home using Remmina


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Mar 19, 2018
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I wouldn't use TeamViewer if you are connecting on a local system on your LAN because with TeamViewr you connect to their servers and then back to the other system running it.
Hi @stan unfortunately I did not have any luck maybe to use TeamViewer is the better solution, but as I could see most people use remmina because it connects not during a server but peer-to-peer.
Any luck with Remmina, Mike? If not, I have found that TeamViewer will work on your local LAN without connecting to TeamViewer servers. I was able to quickly make it work on Win 10 Home Edition following their instructions here. When you install TeamViewer, there is a selection to choose if you will want unattended access.

If you decide to go with TeamViewer, you will likely want to set a permanent password to use instead of the randomly assigned password like I use with attended connections. They have instructions on how to set a permanent password here. Don't be confused with their "Easy Access" feature... that requires you to create an account with them, and using that may send traffic through their servers again. TeamViewer does not normally require you to create an account. Just consider it carefully... you may decide that you would like this feature, especially if you want to access your home computer when you are not at home, instead of just on your local LAN. Good luck.
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