Release 15 Alpha 1 imminent (2021), 15 Final Release (2022)

That's worthy of a full announcement in the Slackware sub-forum (here).

As our resident guru, I'll leave that up to you.
you couldn't resist that could you haha ; as i'm not there can you use your right hand to tap your your left wrist as a reprimand of yourself ?
been offered a computer which an organization will ship to Africa, so I might just install Slackware 15 onto it; should be good for another 5 years ?
i got the live up and running and installed slpkg :

I need to check which mirrors should be used current or stable ; not exactly sure I think current freezes for a while , should be interesting if anybody from contacts me for the one I maintain

Desktop I used plasma x11 gdisk, cfdisk are there by default and I noted a wacom tablet help finder

update: i'm on live 15 now - had problems with slpkg - i think the devis behind don't bother with it.


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Downloaded the live iso and it boots. but haven't played with it much yet. Will wait till I have the time. Today is busy.
Andy, I have modified the Thread title to reflect that this is nearly a year old, and has progressed from Alpha 1 to Final.

Figured you wouldn't mind.

I note that David G.'s jokes have not improved over the intervening year.


no problem thanks Chris

update I forgot that just using "dd" isn't going to give and persistence and thus , that was the reason for failure with slpkg

I haven't installed slackware15 to any PC, so I had to use the dd version of slackware 15 live and use Alien Bob's script and use that to format another usb with thr live iso. This time after installing a few packages got slpkg working. See image where i searched for nano


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I note that David G.'s jokes have not improved over the intervening year.

You're sure gonna be surprised when you find out they *never* get any better!

I'm hoping to get to spin up v. 15 this weekend. I want to see what's different.
@KGIII well i did notice on the live something about a wacom tablet helper finder wiget ; for wifi don't forget to go in rc.d and chmod a+x relevant rc.x as required then # /etc/rc.d/rc.x start

The reason why things don't all work straight out of the box is because PV doesn't make any assumptions and lets you decide

Also the man from Mars did a quick summary :
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I am *hoping* to have time tomorrow to poke at it. I'm not sure if I'll go for a bare metal install on a temp test box or if I'll go with a VM.

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