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not that it's a real threat to the pc, but it would come in handy to learn about.
I replaced Windows 7 by Linux Debian +KDE 64bits yesterday on one of the lab computers in the class room (well, the pc's are part of the lab itself).
Then today I wanted to replace Debian by Kubuntu (also 64 bits of course) but the installation is very slow with crash errors in each step, of each step (time zone, keyboard settings...). Now it's just standing there on the final screen. Is there something I had to take into account first?
Oh, the second USB-stick I used for it was USB3.0, though I don't think that makes a difference.

My first guess is a bad installation disc or ISO. If installing from a disc, burn a new disc at the slowest speed. If installing with a USB device, the ISO you downloaded could be corrupted. You could check the md5sum or download the ISO again.
The USB-stick itself is perfectly readable and has already been used as bootable drive, also the ISO has been used for installing Kubuntu using VMWare on Windows 8.1, which went smoothly. Maybe I should just try everything from scratch again and see what it says.

Anyway, I won't be able to test it quickly now since I'm actually not supposed to try this. Debian still works on the system.
Bad idea. Firstly in Debian-like Linux you should use LTS versions - when you are beginner in Linux (Debian)! Secondly you have to choose correct CPU release with drivers for your HW! Finally I recommend install Linux distro from Minimal CD/DVD. It have lots of advantages - installation using latest versions of software, you can select specific drivers, etc.
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The Kubuntu ISO is Kbuntu's installation image. So how is it relevant to installing Debian?
It's relevant in that sense that the ISO shouldn't be corrupted, since it worked before in VMWare.

The Kubuntu version is 13.10 amd64 and I see the LTS version is 12.04, so I might try this one.
The CPU release should be ok choosing amd64, since Debian 64 bits also worked on it and both the case as the previous Windows-system info said 64 bits, although I didn't check what brand the CPU was (probably Intel).
So I'll try it with all those tips! Next chance will be tuesday, I hope...there will be kids visiting. But next friday will be the first actual Linux course ^^
I recommend install Linux distro from Minimal CD/DVD. And Desktop you can add after minimal installation...

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