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Jun 16, 2020
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we are planning to do patching for our redhat linux server, so we are planning to do setup on linux local repository server and rest all the servers will download the patches from local repository server.
Below are the queries.
  1. We have mix match of red hat linux versions (6,7,8) , should we have to build local repository for each separately or one server we can configure for to download all the repository.
  2. whether we need to register subscription in the redhat to download patches /updates ?
  3. what are all the file extensions will be download , when we sync the repository. (need to exclude)

You can do it all on one server (if the hard drive is big enough).
Normally people use "reposync" and put it in a web a server directory. (You can use other methods).
You will want the three versions to go into three different directories.
The repo server itself will not be able to download any upgrades/patches unless it is registered.
Any other servers that get upgrades from this server should be registered in order to be legal.
About 99% of the packages will be *.rpms.
Most people don't include the source and debug repos. The source repo in particular is huge, and I wouldn't download it unless I was planning on recompiling something. (even then I would manually just download that single source file).
Make sure you have a least 50 GB to start. This can easily go over 100GB for three versions after a few years of patches and upgrades.

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