Red Hat Summit 2020 moved to free virtual event


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Oct 27, 2011
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Red Hat is canceling the physical Red Hat Summit presence in San Francisco and rebuilding it as a free, multi-day, virtual event from April 28-29, 2020.

This is a great opportunity to those that wouldn't normally be able to make the trip - or afford the tickets/airfare. More info on the event site:

Slightly off topic, so pardon in advance Rob.

Is Fedora the beta tester version of Red Hat or am I lost in the woods?
You can look at it like that - they'll put things in fedora that later go into red hat..
Fedora is very usable, much easier than Manjaro or other Arch based distros. Problem reporting set to auto. I don't mind, it's like I get a lot for a little feedback.

I use it for a home PC.
Be sure to wash your mouse and keyboard, the two dirtiest things on the planet
I remember many calls into both "Black Com", and "Red Com" when I was stationed at CINCLANTFLT, back in the day, to empty the paper clips, fingernails, peanut shells, and other flotsam out of their computer keyboards. Funny how they worked much better afterwards.:D

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