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I'm relatively new to Linux administration. I have a dual boot computer using GRUB as a boot manager to boot to Win Vista or Centos 5. It works all right for the moment. I would like to upgrade to Windows 7 and I'm afraid this will mess up with GRUB and I will not be able to boot into Linux. My computer has two hard drive of equal size - I think 500GB. One of them has Windows, the other (part of it) is for Linux.Before I start the upgrade I'd like to be prepared and know how to recover GRUB. Any help in this regard will be very appreciated. Thanks

Hi sutapanaki,

Any LiveCD will do. Just boot from the LiveCD (or USB thumbdrive) after installing Windows 7 and re-install grub on the target hard disk drive. Make sure that the LiveCD provides the same grub version as CentOS 5.x (you can't mix up Grub with Grub2 IIRC).

Good luck!
Hey guys,

Welcome to Linux Forum! Yep on ml2mst.. if you still have your Cent 5 cd that you installed it with you can use that..
Thanks for the info. I'm not sure about a liveCD but I do have the installation cd for Centos. Could you, guys, give more hints on how to re-install GRUB from the CD without re-installing Linux itself? I'm not much confident in my Linux skills yet and I want to make sure I don' mess up with something irrecoverably.

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