recon-ng returning "invalid nameserver" error


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Jul 14, 2021
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I was taking a course on ethical hacking where I came across a problem on running a tool on linux kali. In the video I saw the user use recon-ng to get info on a particular site but when I followed the exact steps I get the following error: [!] invalid nameserver.

I'm typing below all the commands I have typed:

> recon-ng

> marketplace search brute
(recon/domains-hosts/brute_hosts shows up)

> marketplace install recon/domains-hosts/brute_hosts
(I had to install since it is my first time using recon-ng)

>modules load recon/domains-hosts/brute_hosts

>options list
(I have to set the site name since it is default)

>options set SOURCE **site-name**

> run

Then, I get the error:
[!] invalid nameserver

Btw, I'm doing this on virtualbox and on 2GB of RAM (my pc is only on 4GB so have to do with that only). Can the low RAM be a source of error or do I need to do something else?

You have a better chance of getting your question answered on the official Kali forums since the tools that come with Kali are a specialized set of tools, there are not many members here who use Kali and are into hacking. That being said you should learn how Linux works first before you start to learn how to use the Kali tool-set because you will have a better understanding how to use those tools, learn to walk before you can run.