Recommended Linux Build for content filtering?



Been looking into different options for content filtering that are cost effective. Most that I seen are costly and thought I would looking into running a Linux machine to filter our internet usage.

What is the best route to go and are there any packages or distributions out there that are worth looking into?

If when you say content filtering, you mean blocking websites and stuff like that, squid3 is a really good cost effective route to go. It's an open source proxy server that can be used to filter web traffic, and has a multitude of configuration behind it.
@BourbonBrew Yeah, I know it's been a month since you asked, but.....
If you are wanting to dedicate a device to this, meaning you are wanting to build a computer (or vm) specifically for this:
Endian (Community Edition)
Clear OS
.... in that order.

If you are wanting to build your own, IPTABLES, DansGuardian, Squid, etc can easily be rolled into a router with content filtering.

I have plenty of healthcare clients with Endian or Untangle boxes protecting their networks, both the free editions and the paid for versions.

Now how about some of that bourbon? I like BuffaloTrace and Makers Mark.

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