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Recommendations for SBC as home media server


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I would like to add and SBC to my Windows 7/10 network that would hold all of our music and movies/TV shows. It would need to be fast enough to allow 3 devices to watch a movie at the same time on the home network and possibly stream a movie to a device outside the home network. I would also like to setup network level ad blocking (Pi-hole) on this SBC. I would like to install the OS on the external HD (2-4 TB) with the music and movies. I have 200 Gig internet service and TP-Link AC1200 5G routers. I'll put the SBC in a case and put it on my networking board/rack in the basement. Please give me recommendations for an inexpensive SBC and operating system that would allow me to accomplish all this. Thank you!


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Raspberrypi, rockchip, tinkerboard, rock64, atomic pi...
All this would run some modified versions of Debian.


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As @Peer said Raspberry Pi or even Banana Pi could work. There are various machines out there they can do the job. Much better you can add a NAS as store block and making an account in a Server like digital ocean you can have a complete home server accessible for internet.


Your limitation will be the bandwidth that your server can handle. For a 1080p video, you need between 10 and 15 MegaBaud for the first device and about 5-7 MBd for each additional video stream. If any of these devices are 4K video, then you would need around 40-50 MBaud for the first device and around 25 for each additional device.

So, for most SBC devices, like the Raspberry Pi, their network bandwidth may not handle the network bandwidth that you are looking for. However, a quad Raspberry Pi 3 (B or B+) cluster, or better, along with some external SSD's may be what you should look into.

Just my two cents.

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