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RDP with Sound


New Member
Hey there,

just tried Mint Cinnamon 19.3 and am really happy with it. Seems to work fine, as the GUI seems to be more or less stable. I would like to give it a try.
However, some things need to work for me if I want to start using it.

Unfortunatelly I am not able to create an RDP-Connection from my Windows 10 Machine to the vHost (within the local network) where I installed Mint on.

I really would like to use the windows RDP tool, as it allows to use all the Monitors that are connected in full screen-mode, without any "Window" mode or anything else. Thats really nice, so it would be great to achieve that. Also, I need the Sound beeing transferred to the Windows Machine, so it gets played in the Headphones connected to it. (Microphone vice versa)

I tried alot of packages, tools and Guides but I did not get it managed to create an RDP-Connection to the host. After installing xrdp I can connect, but I can't login at the xrdp-login screen. Once I had it installed, logged in and just received a grey screen.

Any chance to get this working?
I just have a complete blank install of it here, ready to start fresh. Any hints how to do this right?

Best regards



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Just tried this one:

Works so far - except that the desktop does not load.
The xrdp-Login screen appears, I enter the details and the screen disappears. The blue background stays and thats it. Nothing more happens. :/

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