Raspberry Pi4



I have kick started a Company offering a low cost solution using the Raspberry Pi, hopefully helping business drastically wasting their budget on expensive systems over the Raspberry.

With this solution we carried out an awareness campaign that asked three simple questions

1. Do you know what Linux is?
2. Do you know what a VPN is
3. Do you know what a cyber attack is?

We have found a great public ignorance to all three of these questions, which worries me deeply.

I met the BBC in Manchester on Saturday, and they were of the same opinion.

As a bit of a geek myself, I learnt Linux in the Royal Navy serving on Nuclear Submarines from 1976 until 1998. I was really at the birth of Linux and still treasure my Linux manuals that I was given throughout my service.

So I know Linux. But, I don't have any qualifications, all my qualifications are in Electric and Electronic Engineering.

So, as I enter in to a new business with retail using the new low cost boards, I have decided to use the retail as a training ground for ethical hackers, of all ages. Also training our customers who install the low cost solution. Together with Linux Training.

I'm not sure though of the best certification to complete a satisfactory competence for this type of business.

Could anyone give me some advice?



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