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questions concerning my desktop's wifi adapter


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Mar 31, 2021
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hey, so i have this installed on my desktop (which I'm using as we speak). A few years ago, i bought this thing because it seemed it would be better than some of the usb adapters i had, and when i tested it with my previous ISP/mesh-system it definetly was the best choice, it was more resilient and less affected by the walls in my house.

HOWEVER, i now have a hotspot (this alcatel) instead of a router and i just get internet through t-mobile/sprint, and it's a lot better than my previous wireless ISP.

Now, I'm noticing something: it appears that my both my laptop (ubuntu linux installed on a refurbished dell latitude manufactured in 2013 i bought 3 or 4 years ago...) and my android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S7) have much better wifi adapters, which is very strange. If I move my hotspot out of the room where i use my desktop, then the signal is so bad that i don't get internet. However, my android smartphone and laptop don't seem to be affected by being located in any other part of the house! I live in a large old house with horse-hair plaster walls and a third floor. Even on the far ends of the house, my laptop and smartphone are not affected by the distance!

How is it that such tiny wifi adapters in comparison perform so much better? Maybe it's my somewhat obsolete GIGABYTE-DDR3 motherboard? Is this part of an effort to make desktops obsolete? I'm very confused by this...i'll tell you anything you want to know to help me comprehend this...as things are i'll just keep doing what i'm doing, i try to be minimalist about buying computer shit. Maybe it's got something to do with windows 10 which i'm running on my desktop? I'm pretty sure that the little devices always seem to have the better wifi adapters...


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Apr 14, 2021
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The newer wifi has improved the technology many ways, mostly the newer wifi is higher power.
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