Question about VPN's


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Is using 'service tor start' and proxychains enough to anonymize myself without a VPN?


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When should I use the Web Proxy Server?

If a particular website is blocked in your country or (for technical reasons) is not available through your internet service provider, a web proxy server can help provide temporary (even slow and insecure) access to that website.

When should I use the VPN Service?

If you are looking for reliable online anonymity and security, using a VPN is the best method. This reliability comes at a cost, often the preferred method is to pay money rather than other unpleasant ways.

When should I use Tor?

To achieve extra security (close to dial-up speeds), Tor can be used with a VPN to offer a layer of privacy and anonymity required for operations such as using or publishing sensitive content.


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G'day Peter and Welcome to

I believe the primary objective of most vpn's is to hide or obfuscate your identity/ip address

I do not believe they provide any 'security' as such

In theory at least the free vpn's would need a source of income......they cannot continue without it...they would have a source of revenue from advertising but no other source.....unless they actually sell your information.

I started with a paid vpn some years ago (airvpn) and have been quite comfortable with that.

That means that I have not received any threatening letters during that time !

There are members here who obfuscate their info via proxies and whatever else...I donot know a great deal about that so hopefully they will chime in with their opinions as well.
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