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Sep 23, 2021
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After Attempting to install dotnet 48 into a proton prefix, it does this:

Screenshot from 2022-06-05 17-23-32.png

After Which it hangs of crashes. It also keeps warning me that that the proton prefix is 64-bit and most add-ons I install are 32 bit and might not work properly. How could I proceed from here?

Are we talking about Proton Folder/prefix or Steam Wine Folder/proton prefix?
If it's in the proton folder/prefix directly, then I don't think you can. if its in the steam wine/proton folder then you need to start the game in Proton 5.X the first time before steam makes it 32bit and use this to install it.

Since I am not sure what you mean by the proton prefix,
Hope this helps.

Also, don't use EXE file just use the same command you would with Winetricks like protontricks GameID -q dotnet48.
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