problems of kali linux 2019

John Millar

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Jun 3, 2019
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hi friends
i am running kali linux 2019 in my pc
but it works so slowly
it opens a browser in a minute
please can you help me to find the old kali linux(2013/2014/...) images that really works
i downloaded a lot of images but it does not works
it shows an error at the time of installation
so please help me to find a good old kali linux image?

G'day John and Welcome to

Why do you wish to run kali ?

A Linux Distribution is nothing more than a bundle containing the Linux kernel, a set of core utilities and applications and some default settings. So, Kali Linux does not offer something unique in that sense most of the provided tools could be installed on any Linux distribution.

The difference is Kali is pre-packaged with those tools and the default settings were chosen according to the intended use cases of that distribution, rather than, say, to fit the needs of the typical desktop user.

In other words, whatever is your goal, you don’t have to use Kali. It is just a special distributions making easier the tasks it is specifically designed for, while eventually making other tasks more difficult.

Do you wish to run it because of the show "Mr Robot ?...something to do with hacking ?


The correct use of Kali
Kali should be used when a system is under development and requires pen-testing and this is the area where Kali is used by professional pen-testers (the other area is where Kali is used by 11 year old kids who think the whole Internet is weak to Kali).
If you want to hack a system which is already in production, Kali is useless. But of course, some companies are lazy enough to not even vaccinate their systems against script-kiddies

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