Problems installing Mint 20... Need to resize disk? Help!


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Feb 27, 2020
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I am running Linux Mint 19 mainly for Plex... I am new to Linux, but was working great until 10 updated... I am trying to switch to Mint 20... I have Mint 19 on the main hard drive and four other drives (in an array?) that I'm using to store data and I don't want to lose it... Can someone help me figure out how to resize my drive space so that it will install Mint 20? or how can I delete it without losing my data? thanks, Clayton

You can also boot to your live USB, copy /home/<user> to a different drive, install Mint 20 in its place, and move /home/<user> back. As it's Mint to Mint, you could actually also try just installing Mint 20 but picking something else during the install and not formatting the disk space. You'd still definitely want to back that data up first.

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