Problem with mouse in gnome with Ubuntu 10.04



Hi there;

A tech friend installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a Dell Pentium 4 desktop computer. (He likes it because it's more like a windows environment and easier to learn than later versions, for a Linux beginner like me.) Anyway when he tries to use the gnome environment, the mouse quits working/goes away. We have no problem with the lighter weight desktop version but of course gnome offers more features. Can you advise what the problem might be, or where to begin searching? Thank you!


I have a similar problem. I installed GNOME Ubuntu (13.04) along side Windows 7. Sometimes after I log into Ubuntu, everything freezes. Unlike your issue, I can still see the pointer, however, it is non-functional. Even more, I cannot do anything besides restart my system manually via the power button. After the restart everything is working fine. I did notice that when I go into the advance option, it doesn't freeze. I was actually in the middle of searching to forum to find a solution before I asked about the issue, but I came across your post. My only suggestion (because I can't explain the cause) is try rebooting.

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