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Hey there dear experts,

I am currently using windows 10 OS (UEFI Bios mode) and for my scientific works I need to have a linux based os (ubuntu, fedora, scientific linux ... any of these will work) installed along with my current operating system. I have tried installing ubuntu 18.04 and fedora 27 however both attempts failed right from the moment where the installation was completed and the system needed to reboot, THE SYSTEM WOULDN'T REBOOT ! and in both cases when I restarted the system manually the system got stuck with two errors : MMIO fault 022554 and 10ac08 ... the photos containing the complete info about the errors are attached ...

I am really confused ! I have disabled the secure boot and the fast boot ... I really don't know where this problem originates from ! I am using asus laptop N501vw ...

any Kind of help is extremely appreciated !


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Hello @HMDRZAA and welcome to Linux :)

My goodness, this is a curly one and may involve several problems, or there might be a shortcut/workaround we can employ.

First up, let's take those screenshots (and Ta - Aussie for thanks) -

Is one for Ubuntu and the other for Fedora?

If you edit your own Post, you can place a couple of line entries between the first and the second and then caption them eg "SCREENSHOT 1 - FEDORA", "SCREENSHOT 2 - UBUNTU" etc.

First up, all 3 of the Linux Distros you have mentioned are those using systemd, which is almost inescapable these days. Ubuntu is Debian-based, the other 2 RPM-based. Systemd was invented by Red Hat and is likely to replace sysvinit.

Some evidence I have seen around the Net indicate that some of the Asus machines, yours included, may have a problem with systemd, and it is suggested that by flashing your BIOS to get the latest version, that may be remedied.

Here I hope I do not need to tell you - you should have a backup and recovery plan in place for your Windows and your personal data, so that if Windows heads south for the winter, you can restore it? :D

The numbers at the end of the errors 022554 and 10ac08 are simply hexadecimal references to addresses on your computer, but they are the same in each case if these reflect two different distros, and would indicate a problem of the same type in each case.

So if you can clear us up with regard to those two shots, that would be a good start.

The references to Nouveau - Nouveau is a generic graphics driver produced by our friends at Xorg, where X is our graphical, windows-like environment that commences from login. It indicates that you have Nvidia onboard, is that so?

There may be an opportunity for us to disable Nouveau at startup to get you into a User session, where we can then make permanent changes.

acpi region does not cover the entire command/response buffer
ACPI is the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (used in Windows as well) could be caused by several factors, we'll know more soon, I hope.

I have to go for a little but I'll be back with more asap.

Do I take it that you get a Grub Menu, that is a Menu where it defaults to your choosing Ubuntu or Fedora, or else choosing a Win bootloader option? If so, we can try inserting an option or two in your startup eg "nomodeset", "acpi=off" &c.

Back soon

Chris Turner


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Hello @HMDRZAA and welcome to Linux :)

My goodness, this is a curly one and may involve several problems, or there might be a shortcut/workaround we can employ.

Chris Turner
Thank you Chris for the answer,

I have edited the post to clarify which is which, and Yes I have NVIDIA on board ...

So are you suggesting that I need to install some other non-systemd-os ?

I also hope that there is a way we can work around this problem !

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