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I'm new here,so hello to everyone.. My english is bad, and I hope that all of you will understand me :)

Well, i have a problem with installing any of linux distro. I try to install Ubuntu, Mint and OpenSuse and no one of them cannot see my hdd partitions. This problem is occurs only when I want to install linux. I can mount hard drive, manipulate with gparted but when I want to install,all partitions are hidden. Disk is WDC WD3200BPVT-22JJ5T0 ATA Device / 320Gb.

Thanks for help ;)

Restart the machine and go to BIOS, change the HDD, ATA to IDE. Then reboot using OS CD and try to install.


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Hi crzdot

Pls let us know, Did you faced similar issue or my suggestion worked for you?

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