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So i have a problem I wanted to install Deepin on my hp 250 g7
And when I select install Deepin ist sais acpi error
I turned secureboot if but nothing i hope you can help me


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G'day @Dave_071 and welcome to :)

Below is a phone pic taken of my Deepin 15.11 Live USB stick.

SCREENSHOT 1 - Deepin Live Boot Parameters

I accessed this screen by booting the USB stick, was presented with 3 choices, the first being to boot into it.

At the bottom of the screen are instructions that were nearly invisible because of their wallpaper/background.

The one I chose was 'e' for Edit, which took me to the above.

Navigation is with your up and down, left and right arrows.

See the line beginning with


and ending with

quiet splash --


Move to there and then arrow across to where the q for quiet is.

Place a space and type in


...So the end of the line will read

acpi=off quiet splash --

Press your F10 key and the installer should boot up.

If that does not work, try it again with


Let us know how you go.

Chris Turner

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