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Problem with CUPS & Samsung 4833


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Feb 12, 2023
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Friends. The problem is that when you send it to print, for some reason the task is processed for a long time, then it starts printing and between each page the printer falls asleep, then wakes up again prints the next one, falls asleep again, and so on, and with double-sided printing it generally begins a long story. What is surprising is only with this samsung scx-4833fd printer

— samsung 3205 and brother 7420 were regularly and rapidly printed on the same machine

—the current donor (4833) prints on Windows without delay, xerocopies also without delay - we exclude the factor of hardware malfunction.

—ppd was installed from this printer, but apparently this is not enough.

also today I found a joke, the paper ran out while the tray was charging, some time passed, and after the tray was closed, the printer quickly printed 38 sheets, as if CUPS had been loading all these pages into the trap all this time.

PS I am happy to receive, including paid assistance for remote configuration.

Thank you for your attention.

Terminal log: https://pastebin.com/xPQ9dZjJ
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