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I've been searching for some time now how to solve my problem but unsuccessfully so thats why today I'm bothering some of you. So the problem is in adjusting the brightness of my screen. I know what some will think that there is alot of videos and posts about people complaining that their screen is to bright, but mine is too dim and I looked for about 3 or 4 days now for the some kind of solution and nothing so I'm asking for your help.

And yes I'm new to linux so don't expect me to know some wizard type stuff.

Thanks in advance!


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6,052 don't expect me to know some wizard type stuff.
You're not a bother, "Clumsy" - none of us was born with a Linux Distro in front of our faces (well, I was born 5,000 years ago, and we didn't have computers then, but while I was in China I helped them invent the abacus)

I have to sign off for my evening in Australia, but Nelson and others will help, and I will look in here soon.



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