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problem with boot on MX linux 17.1 shows acpi error

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by g37sug4, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. g37sug4

    g37sug4 New Member

    Sep 14, 2018
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    Hello, recently i was playing around with the distribution mx linux

    Has someone tried it?

    in the boot I got this acpi error ..


    but later i could login then i put in the terminal

    dmesg | grep -i error

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    it shows me this :


    btw I noticed the process of xorg and firefox consumes a lot of cpu.. ( does this only happen to me ? )

    When I put htop I saw that the consumption of the CPU

    especially of firefox :(

    I will use midori browser ...

    I have updated the s.o and I use the kernel 4.15 (for default)

    I have the intel microcode installed and the nvidia drivers too

    (I did it by terminal, I don't download the driver from the official page)

    (Now I can not log in because after the boot it shows the acpi errors and then the screen it's all black)

    The specs of my pc are:

    motherboard ASUSTeK B150 PRO gaming AURA

    NVIDIA GTX 950

    16 RAM Kingston DDR4

    Quad core Intel Core i5-6400 processor

    What should i do ?

    thank you very much
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  2. poorguy

    poorguy Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2018
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    FWIW I get ACPI errors on every ASUS motherboard I've used Linux on and so I wouldn't worry about it.

    It appears to be some driver issue although doesn't affect anything and doesn't cause any problems or hasn't ever for me that I've noticed.

    As for firefox being a resource hog it is but so is google chrome and chromium.

    My experience with Midori browser has been a good one although doesn't quite find everything as much as I would like.

    Make certain to stay with the MX repository's as all software works although may not be the latest although being Debian built it is rock solid.

    I'm use Antix 17.1 which is Debian base and I like it as Debian was my first real Linux experience.

    If all is working well use it and enjoy MX-17.1 and don't worry about the ACPI error as mentioned above just some minor bug.

    Debian built distros are rock solid and very secure and in my experience have been trouble free OOTB.
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  3. atanere

    atanere Moderator
    Gold Supporter

    Apr 6, 2017
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    Running out of time for tonight so just a quick reply....

    Google shows a fair amount of info on this error with some possible solutions. Seems to be Nvidia related, and some of the possibilities are to enable the proprietary Nvidia drivers if you haven't, or to disable the Nvidia drivers and go back to nouveau instead if you currently use the proprietary driver. Other possible fixes include adding some startup options to grub, possible options are acpi=off or acpi=strict, and maybe others. Kernel versions can affect this too, sometimes new is better, sometimes older.

    Google has info on high CPU with Firefox too. It's not normal. Mine shows about 1-2% CPU right now in Mint Cinnamon. Can be a pain to figure it out, but it should have a fix. Is your MX-17 installed or running off of USB?

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  4. g37sug4

    g37sug4 New Member

    Sep 14, 2018
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    Hello, thanks for your reply

    it's strange because in older asus motherboards i don't see this kind of error when i tried other distributions like slitaz ( on live or installed)

    it doesn't seem a serious error

    i have read on the official page of mx linux there are two different isos

    The isos can be downloaded as an original release or monthly update

    i chose the monthly update so in this case ( They include all upgrades since the original, and thus reduce downloading updates after creating a new installation. They also enable users to run Live with the most recent version of the programs)

    my first linux exp. was slitaz a very minimalistic , fast and smoothly iso ideal for old computers

    i was searching info on internet about MX-17.1 and i see posts about this s.o and it make me a good impression what are saying the author of the post

    the short time i was playing around with this distro convince me

    Even if I have to fix what I mentioned I do not think it's a bad distribution...
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  5. g37sug4

    g37sug4 New Member

    Sep 14, 2018
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    hello , thanks for your reply =)

    finally i decided to edit the grub and put acpi= off

    later i will install the official driver of nvidia

    if this doesn't solve it i try the nouveau driver

    meanwhile I will try midori and i will ask why firefox consumes a lot of cpu on the official forum of MX

    is frustrating XD I have 16 gb of ram

    if I put virtual machines like virtualbox or vmware it will be worse ... lol

    the o.s is installed ( i chose the monthly iso )

    cheers from spain hehe
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