Problem to find wi fi conetions in kali linux


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Jul 15, 2020
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i installed the kali linux on virtual box and the internet is working normally, however appear the conection ethernet not wi fi. I decide to install the compat wireless and when i wrote the iwconfig on terminal, appeared this:

but when i try to find the connections, not appear none network


I wanna see the networks like windows, this way:


Someone can help me?

You are running Kali in a virtual machine, your virtual machine can't access your wireless card directly. Virtualbox probably has a virtual bridge or something like that setup which the virtual interface of your virtual kali machine is using. Open a terminal and type:

ip a
You will see than only a normal Ethernet device is displayed.
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I just came across something and I think I might be wrong about a virtual machine not being able to use your wireless card. I found in my virtual machine network card settings that it is possible to use your wireless network card, in several different modes. You can try experimenting with that in your virtualization software, I think either bridge mode or passthrough mode should work, for passthrough you probably need to have two network cards in your system because if there's only one it will be in use and your virtual system won't be able to use it when your physical system is using it. After you get that working you can see if the virtual machine runnking kali detects it.
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