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can ayone help me with installing GitHub on Ubuntu please? I keep getting this same thing. n b


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I'm not sure how to fix your download repo's. But it looks like you are installing "git".
This is just the client for github.
Have you tried running sudo apt update to update/refresh the package list? Perhaps your package list is out of date and contains stale file-name information? That would explain the 404 error (file not found on server).
g'day @baileyc201 and welcome :)

github is a place, git is a delivery and distribution protocol invented by linus torvalds, maker of the linux kernel.

in your ubuntu - see my screenshot below


starting point was my software updater - icon on my panel with a capital A inside a circle of arrows

it will check for updates ... when finished choose settings - may be settings & livepatch

from there click the tab ubuntu software

in the middle of the popup window where it lists the server, click the down arrow for choices and choose other, a list pops up

highlight your country and choose select best server, tests will be run and a result listed

near bottom press choose server, enter password and continue to finish

press close, it will reload the cache and exit

try your git install again


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