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Problem booting into Windows 7.

Discussion in 'Desktop / X' started by Harisankar, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Harisankar

    Harisankar Guest

    Hi, I'm new to this place and honestly I've no idea if I'm posting this at the right place. Anyway, I'll describe my issue. I have TWO hard disks. I've been using Windows 7 in one (500 GB) and Ubuntu 14.04 LTE in the other (160 GB). I decided to format my both OSes and install both of them again. So I disconnected my hard disk containing the Ubuntu OS and formatted Windows 7 and connected the HDD containing Ubuntu. Then I formatted Ubuntu using A BOOTABLE USB DRIVE created using YUMI- using a .ISO of Ubuntu 14.04. Due to power failure and my mistake I had to stop installing it at the first time and at the second time instead of manually using the old partitions that I had already been using for swap and ext3 file systems, I installed it directly on the 160 GB HDD and I had all my partitions and data erased, also I believe that I had installed the boot loader into the 500 GB HDD. After installing it successfully when I tried to boot into my primary HDD that contains Windows 7, I came to see this error (check the image file) and I had to go to my secondary where Ubuntu is installed and had to manually select Windows 7 from its booting options. I tried deleting all the partitions in the Linux HDD from Windows 7 and created new partitions for memory storage and everything else and tried booting again from the primary still the problem persists. What should I do? Also there are 5 BAD SECTORS on the 160 GB HDD (as shown in Linux). Can I get the problem solved without losing any of my data on the 500 GB HDD? I don't have an external HDD so I can't back up my data anywhere else. The HDD is almost full except for the C drive.

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