Printer Program Keeps Freezing


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I occasionally have issues with getting the printer in my room to connect to my computer properly, so just now, I was trying to download a new driver in hopes the problem would finally be resolved. Unfortunately, now I have another problem where the printer program in the start menu freezes and becomes unresponsive whenever I click on "change" where it says "make and model". This happens every time I do that, and makes resolving this issue next to impossible.


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My apologies. I'm using an HP 3830 printer. I was going to use CUPS in order to install the new driver, but I never got a chance to remotely download it from HP's website, or install it, because that "change driver" page (for lack of a better term) kept freezing.


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Is this your printer? Is this the printing driver ? Try downloading it using that link, I just did to take a look at it
./ --help
Makeself version 2.1.5
1) Getting help or info about ./ :
./ --help Print this message
./ --info Print embedded info : title, default target directory, embedded script ...
./ --lsm Print embedded lsm entry (or no LSM)
./ --list Print the list of files in the archive
./ --check Checks integrity of the archive

2) Running ./ :
./ [options] [--] [additional arguments to embedded script]
with following options (in that order)
--confirm Ask before running embedded script
--noexec Do not run embedded script
--keep Do not erase target directory after running
the embedded script
--nox11 Do not spawn an xterm
--nochown Do not give the extracted files to the current user
--target NewDirectory Extract in NewDirectory
--tar arg1 [arg2 ...] Access the contents of the archive through the tar command
-- Following arguments will be passed to the embedded script
It looks fine as far as I can tell, once you download it, check the file
./ --check
You should get
Verifying archive integrity... MD5 checksums are OK. All good.
Then just follow install instructions from here
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