Prevent program output from printing over what I'm currently typing


New Member
Hi all. This is something I've been struggling with for the past couple days: Preventing netcat's incoming text from printing over the text I'm currently typing. I wrote a basic client/server application (nc [ip address] [port #] on one side, and nc -l [port #] on the other). Anytime nc spits something back out at me while I'm typing something, my current text goes away! I would love to avoid having to press CTRL+R whenever that happens. Do you guys have any pointers? I've seen programs like irssi successfully separate incoming text from what you're currently typing. It also keeps what you're typing on one single line (scrolls horizontally when your text is wider than screen width), which would simplify the text collision big time if I knew how to do that. Please help!!! Many thanks in advance.
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