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Tried copy windows 11theme fully for fun, can you see difference. :oops:

I bet half of my friends wouldn't know it's Linux, anyways time to change to default:D

This is desecration! This is VILE desecration!

Here's my new Mint Cinnamon 21.1 Desktop on my Tower...

Looks like it - I loved the Countach when I was about 30.
Tried copy windows 11theme fully for fun, can you see difference. :oops: I bet half of my friends wouldn't know it's Linux, anyways time to change to default :D
It works the other way as well. You can "borrow" (okay, "steal") a desktop background from Linux and use it for your desktop on that closed and copyrighted operating system. ...And the images you borrow from Linux are free, in several different senses of the word.

I saw and liked the Brigantia desktop background that came with Trisquel Linux, so I used the image file as my desktop background on my Mac. The image file on my Mac is dated April 2012, but that may be the date I noticed and copied it, not the date it was actually created.

This fits my requirements for a desktop background very well. Dark, but not black. No big distractions. The cursor and file icons are easily seen on the Desktop. Labels are easy to read. For me, the choice of desktop is as much about its usability as artistic esthetics.

This is the desktop background I borrowed from Trisquel Linux, probably in 2012:

Looks like it - I loved the Countach when I was about 30.

The Countach is flawed in so many ways, but they certainly were iconic. Heck, they still are iconic. As far as collector cars, they hold their value nicely. If you get bored, look up how hard it is to reverse in a Countach.

Anyhow, Lamborghini names generally have something to do with bullfighting. In this case, the Gallardo is a breed of bull that actually was bred into the renown Miura breed of bull.

If even a casual Lambo fan, the name Miura should ring a bell. It's often considered one of the best looking cars ever built. The Miura also obscenely expensive. I believe there's one coming up for auction in Kissimmee in just a few days.

While here, I should mention that I'll be here sporadically for the duration of the auction. I bid online or on the phone. It's a long auction, going from the 4th to the 15th.
Keep your wallet in your pocket @KGIII

By the sound of that it could turn out to be an expensive time.

The Countach

The Muira

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Keep your wallet in your pocket @KGIII

I won't matter. They already have my information!

I'm not sure I want to get into too many details in the public forum. It'd also take us too far off topic.

I'm pretty sure it's a Gallardo. Pretty sure... Mine's a Bimmer on this device. I think I may have shared it before, but I don't recall which Bimmer pic I shared. I don't care about my wallpaper much 'cause I pretty much never see it. I just slap a dark Bimmer pic on it and call it good.


I am obviously a fan, but I'm working hard to not derail the thread! Also, some stuff is better in PMs than in public.
Here's another one...
I have two monitors....Therefore, 2 'Desktops'.....

They target people in New South Wales.

I had better get out of here before that comes back and bites me.
I am an Ol Codger and I can never remember all the apps that I use most. So I chose to use Mate as my DE. I like having more than one panels for my memory enhancement. I also like being to change the graphics on the launchers. Every now and then I'll try Cinnamon again to see if it will do what I want and end up coming back to Mate.

The Codger in me has tried many distros, but; I keep coming back to Linux Mint, currently using 21.1. I also like LMDE 5 with Mate on my old laptop.

I've put this background together on my old 2014 Dell laptop and put it on my HP Laptop 15t-dy200 that I purchased last summer.

This background was create from three free photos found online that I Gimped together.
I've been playing with Conky for years and have distilled it down to the basics that I want handy. The CPU Temperature and Battery text change color based on their environmental changes. ya gotta love those if-the-else statements!
Screenshot at 2023-01-10 10-29-43.png
We have a new dev on the Lubuntu team and they're all sorts of gung ho... I hope they don't burn out!

Anyhow, here's a sneak peak at Lubuntu 23.04 (an interim release, not a LTS release) - with the code name of 'lunar lobster':


That's a screenshot from a Lubuntu daily image (which I was testing at the time) and it is subject to change, but I think you'll find the wallpaper remains the same.

As you can see, they took the code name to heart and I think it's one of the best default wallpapers Lubuntu has had in quite a while. The last few have been quite a departure from the traditional-ish wallpapers used over the years.

Anyhow, unless you too daily test Lubuntu .iso files, chances are good that you saw it here first.
By the way, this is the login screen from 23.04:


(Screenshot from a daily testing image.)

That's pretty fancy looking. The new dev is pretty energetic and is learning quite a bit. I'm hopeful that they don't forget to take breaks.

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