Post a screenshot of your Desktop

Love it!!

Very cool, @TriaSirax , and welcome to :cool:

Here is my Pepermint desktop, another Non Sequitur from the past which just tickled my funny bone. No disrespect intended, but as an engineer it just was too good to not share. It also goes well with the tech support desktop which I posted previously. Enjoy!

Happy Trails,

P.S. The title, which sadly got cropped off, was "Engineering the French Revolution"o_O. I wonder if the mistake that they made should be classified as an :oops:, or an Aw S#%&!. What do you think?
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Glad you enjoy Shark.

side note: Canada. Not France.

Shark Linux has a number of colourful wallpapers but a lot more going for it than just that.


Developed by Marcus Petit from France, he built it with The Cloud in mind, and says he did not touch a keyboard whilst building it, he did it all from his Samsung Galaxy phone?

Kudos to him

Ouch :oops::oops:

Canada are Australia's allies and friends and I have nearly started a war :oops::D

Is that you, Marcus?

Cool changes to the website (trying to make up lost ground)


Chris Turner
@Bayou Bengal - a Triumph-ant return to these pages? Can I borrow the keys to one of the red ones?

@TriaSirax - might need a little work on the picture - sing out if you need a hand

One of the last five or so Distros I have installed to the Toshiba Satellite before moving on to the new Dell is Linux Mint 19.0 'Tara' MATE and I was quite struck with this wallpaper, might save it.

And yes, I have updates to do, lol.


Cheers all

Bump ... c'mon, where's the desktops, don't be shy? :)

Deepin 15.7 - jury is out, but it's interesting



This is on my Ubutnu 18.04.1 'Bionic Beaver' with the MATE desktop - appears to be Gulf of Mexico.


Photo courtesy of NASA.

See if you can pick some of the cities and towns :D

Friday in Oz so



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