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Post a screenshot of your Desktop


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Apr 25, 2017
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OK, seeing as we're starting from scratch with the new Linux.org - I figured we may as well resurrect this classic thread in the Desktop section..... Simply post a screenshot of your Desktop!

Here's my current desktop - dwm running on Debian testing, with a fairly vanilla conky config:
NOTE: Normally I have the top-bar hidden - I don't like too many GUI things getting in the way and wasting valuable screen-space. I just made the top-bar visible for the screenshot, so you could see the whole thing.

As the floating heads in Rick and Morty said:
"Show me what you've got!"

Screenshot from 2017-05-03 16-11-41.png
Here is another one I use on another drive. I found this little fellow a long time ago. He was on a 300th?? generation photocopy and in really bad shape, but I took out all of the noise spots, and darkened him back up. Then I added the color. I left the list blank, feel free to add your own entries. If anyone wants the basic file I used, let me know. Enjoy!:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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Very nice everyone!

This is the desktop for my personal laptop:

Bare desktop:

Been working on a website so I usually have Sublime Text and a terminal window open:

I like the look of Plasma desktop, but its probably the heaviest DE I've ever used. Not sure whether I'll keep it or switch. I did love xfce...
This one might raise a laugh.

Background reading is here -


Not news for some perhaps, but I have only just learned that I can apply multiple DE's to the one Linux Mint (choice made at login).

Trick was to start with Linux Mint 18.0 'Sarah' KDE, then add Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce.

This is what I got when I fired up the Xfce and chose default Panel:


Yes it shows all the Distros on the computer in the Garage.

Might have to do something about those icons?


Peppermint 8 released about 2 days ago. Just a vanilla conky from conky-all at the moment.

Note the customised Title on the Terminal, lol.


I look like Smaug until I brush my hair and have my first coffee of the day.

Been quiet here the last 110 days, let's give it a bump, Jas?


This is from a Live USB on which I burned TahrPup 6.0.5 I have had kicking around for ages.

Wizard is finally making a serious foray into Puppy, obviously I will be looking to group the removable icons (my Partitions) into a folder or something, to enhance the visual effect of the very nice wallpaper.

Also Conky is supposed to be Pup friendly, we'll see.


Asperger knee jerk response is "In my garage" or "on my computer". Lol.

Nicer is - it is the default wallpaper on Tahrpup 64 6.0.5 CE, appears to be called just that - default.png.

No idea of the locale, have not found it so far. I'll try attaching it

Nope went through to 100% but error too large (6.2MB) - will GIMP it down if you can use it, Paul.

Or else, Staff can tell me whether I should place it at https://www.linux.org/threads/need-cool-wallpapers.8760/

I'm still running dwm on Debian testing. So other than the wallpaper, my desktop is pretty much exactly the same as it was in my original post.

If anybody is interested - the image is taken from the Japanese Manga/Anime series Berserk.

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