pop-os doesn't detect my wifi adapter after i updated to latest version.


Jul 31, 2021
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hello, I am a new guy to Linux and have been using pop-os for like a week now and when I updated to the newest version I find that it doesn't detect my wifi adapter putting in mind that in the older update it was detecting it and running smoothly I tried updating drivers and reading other forums nothing helped my wifi adapter Broadcom and ya that's it please if you have a way to fix it tell me <3

Have you tried installing broadcom-sta-dkms? Open a terminal and run the following.
sudo apt install broadcom-sta-dkms
Then reboot your system en see if your wireless is working, if it isn't open a terminal again and then
share the output of the following.
ip a
lspci -nn | grep -i net
k now when i try to boot the device after i log in i get a black screen note: i didnt do anything yet it just dont even let me in
Is that after you installed broadcom-sta-dkms or you have done that either as in you have change anything yet?
Press ctrl+alt+f6, that should switch you to virtual console where you should be able to login. Can you try that?
Can run the following and share a picture of what you see, use your mobile.
systemctl list-unit-files | grep gdm
Try running the following and then tell me what happens?
sudo systemctl restart gdm
k finnaly it worked k i will try the wifi connections command and tell u what happened :)
I am assuming that means you got the graphical login screen again as before?
yes now i am in running command i am getting an error i will send in a sec i am opening the browser on linux
when i open the browser on linux it now crashed and doesnt open ????
that what i am getting when trying to run the first command to fix the wifi
edge browser
I think your browser profile may be corrupted, you can try to rename or delete whatever directory has your browser profile stored and then open the browser again.