PoP!_os and Win10 dual boot success... well sort of... not really! But it works! Sort of... LOL!


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Sep 23, 2021
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After Months of flapping my gums I finally did it. I have two operating systems on two sepparate hard drives. Both boot fine. Except the problem is that they both treat each other like the stinker at the party and downright refuse to acknowledge each other's existence.

According to the statements put forth by this very community, windows 10 was supposed to have detected the EFI partition of PoP!_os and put its efi files there... which didn't happen. At this point I would like to reiterate that neither OS is experiencing any issues, except I am the one who is having to juggle boot priorities to my desired operating system to work.

Am I correct in assuming that I am now going to have to manually add a boot entry to one of the OS's boot loaders? If that is the case, I would prefer to add this entry into SystemD boot; Because those little flappy fellows at camp "four squares" can go bork themselves. What is the best way of getting around to it?

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