Playing games on old 2008 laptops.


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Jan 2, 2022
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I'm trying to get some of my old 2008 laptops to play games.
Right now, I'm trying with my HP DV7-2120so I'm not sure what the problem besides, it has the worst CPU in humanity is.
No matter what you do, the CPU uses 80-100%. I never liked the DV6 or DV7 series. They always got boiling hot and had a bad performance.
I stopped buying HP when the DV7 series came out because I didn't like the DV6 series, and the DV7 looked as bad.
Anyway, I'm currently trying to use Linux Mint 19.3 Xfce 64bit, and I don't think it has the ATI driver installed right or some other GPU Liberty I'm missing. If I use DXVK, the screen is black, and if I run VK, then it runs but lags really bad, and the overlay says it uses Driver, which I find weird, so I would love some help or some idea what to do and if someone knows a better distro to use on a 2008 Laptop that can run games too.
i have tried Lubuntu, and I don't like it. And Garuda is to Proformnece heavy.


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1) How much RAM have you got?
2) What games are you trying to play?
1) Manuals show that it comes with 4Gb and can be increased to a maximum of 8Gb. But, how much do you have?
2) Again, what games do you want to play? What are they called? What are their names?
1) Manuals show that it comes with 4Gb and can be increased to a maximum of 8Gb. But, how much do you have?
2) Again, what games do you want to play? What are they called? What are their names?

4 GB as i said.
What ever game it can run. if that old Emulator or Bad 32bit game on steam dosent matter this is more about to get it
up and running and see what games i can make it play.

the draugeros distro so far works really well stile have some stutter on Foxyland but much better then any other OS so far
i have not check if all Driver is installed yet but this Laptop also have one of the worst CPU you can get in a Laptop.
This Laptop is a paperweight. I don't know what to use it for. I just changed the SSD from 120 to 320GB, so I have a little more space, and then I gonna reinstall it and try some stuff. Steam Client uses too much ram and CPU by itself. I may try some wine gaming to see if that does anything different and maybe some emulation, I don't know. I'm at a loss. I can't use it as a media center because the CPU is 95. C most of the time and running 100%, doing close to nothing, and it was one of the biggest problems with the DV6 and DV7 lines. I'm glad i didn't pay for this Laptop.
I have a HP Compaq NC 8440 laptop for the Jumble Solver puzzle game. I have been playing lots of games on my old laptop.
i liked HP back in the days as long you just keep away from the DV series both DV6 and 7 was bad the CPU got so hot you could boild egg on the keybord or burn you lap if you had it on your lap. So i stop using HP after DV 7 that Laptop series killed HP for me, Dell also made good laptop but those where more for office work but they did a grate job at that. i have 3 that is really good at that you cant play on them unless its minesweeper or something that don't use anything. then i used some Asus, Lenovo and Fujitsu Siemens over the years.
My most recent laptop purchase was about a year ago and it is an MSI that just works with Linux (no drivers necessary). It also came with an NVME M.2 SSD which insanely fast and I want to say it has 32 GB of RAM. I got it when it first popped up and was steeply discounted. I think I paid $700-ish for it. Just a few days after getting it, it retailed for about $1300. So, I figure it was a good buy.

It's time to buy another one. The MSI is just for testing Lubuntu and my regular laptop is now a few years old. So, it's time to replace it with something more modern. I just don't feel like doing all the shopping around, which can take weeks as I pour over stuff and decide which model to get.

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