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Persistant Reboot: Not Sure Why



I apologize ahead of time if I should have continued with my old thread but the topic is different so I thought it would be better to start a new one.

I just installed the MX 14.4 non-PAE on my old Toshiba Tecra S1 this past Thursday (this is my 1st Linux distro). Everything went smoothly in the installation. Since I didn't want the XP any longer on the hard drive I chose to install on the whole hard drive which it reformated.

For two days I had no issues at all but at that time I was connecting to the internet via ethernet hardwire. So yesterday as I was checking out the various options I decided to see if the wireless connection would work. After I inputted the router security code the laptop immediately connected and I could access the internet wirelessly. Later I went to shut it down the system shut-down and seemed to turn off but after a few seconds it rebooted.

Now it never shuts down fully; it goes to a blank end screen and you think it is fully powered off but then reboots. This was not happening when I only had it connected to the router by ethernet. But since I connected it to the internet wirelessly the issue is constant. It doesn't matter which way I have it connected, it reboots.

In addition when the system loads I get these 2 warning:

1. Waiting for/and dev fully populate. Preconfiguration failed! And...

2. Not starting NFS kernal daemon. No exports. Warning!

The first seems to be an issue with Debian; the posts I found were almost uniform in it causing people's systems to "hang" and not further load. I don't have that issue. My issue is having a complete shut-down but not getting one.

I am still researching #2.

Do I need to do a clean install? Thanks.
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