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I'm new to Linux - IS there a PDF editor that can be downloaded or found in the software manager - so that I can create and edit PDF files ?


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What Linux distro are you using.

Open the software manager or software center and there should be a search bar at the top and type pdf editor and see what comes up.

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Linux Mint 18 series is supported until April 2021.

Linux Mint 19 series is supported until April 2023.

Update your new Linux Mint after install.

You should then be able to find a PDF Editor in the software manager.


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To update Linux Mint from the command line, use these two commands.

sudo apt-get update

This, I think, refreshes your system's list of what updates are available.


sudo-apt-get upgrade

This actually replaces what's on your system with newer versions. Mint (I think) does dependency checking automatically, so that if the new software needs new parts underlying it, Mint will install those automatically as well.

The second command will present you with a list of what's about to be replaced. You'll have to OK the replacement before it starts.

Of course, there is probably a graphical way to update, too.


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You should be able to upgrade from 17 to 18.3 via the update manager

(You will not be able to do that to get to 19....that will require a fresh install)


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The most straightforward way to edit PDF files on linux that I found is to use LibreOffice to open the PDF, make your modifications then export it back to PDF.

However you have to understand that PDF is actually a complex/messy standard and that you will need to do things in a specific way when editing it if you want your generated PDF to be properly displayed.

Also make sure that the exported PDF has the same size as the imported one, since there is a difference between the european A4 format and US letter format which could totally break the layout.
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