PCloud Permissions Issues - No consistency at all???


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Dec 22, 2022
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I have PCloud Cloud Drive on my Zorin (Ubuntu-ish) system, and it did work correctly initially in that I could open, edit and save documents and files. It has since become what seems to be random with how it deals with permissions. I have found other articles that say it is mounted as FUSE, and root is denied permissions. These were years ago

What is bizarre is that I have done a test, and created a TXT file in the PCloud folder, and it creates, and I can open it, add text, save, and it saves correctly. Yet other software such as my CherryTree database which has content saved as .ctz sometimes pops up a prompt saying No Root Permissions, and cannot save, at other times it does not, as with other documents.

So is PCloud just unusable at present on Linux? That's my current takeaway, or does anyone know if there is a simple workaround?

Muchas Gracias
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