Parrot OS -kernel update

Do you like a tool like Ukuu to update the kernel?

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Mar 28, 2023
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Ukuu is not compatible with Parrot OS.
How to update the kernel?
Are there others alternative tools available for debian based distro?

UKuu is an Ubuntu application, it won't work on Parrot which is Debian based, although I have recommended Kernel update to cure some problems on the Parrot forums, it is not something I consider necessary for majority of members, Being Debian based I would normally use sudo apt commands
Parrot OS is based on Debian and uses a modified Debian kernel you can use the Synaptic Package Manager and search for linux-image and select a later kernel - otherwise you will have to wait until Debian updates it - Debian stable is using the 5.10 series kernel the testing branch is using 6.1
Running Debian Sid for a while will teach you how to run and fix issue's with Kali Linux.
Learned that from an old Linux friend that ran Debian Sid (unstable) for years.

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