Overclocking the Raspberry Pi 4


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Apr 29, 2017
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In the February 2020 edition (#90) of Magpi Magazine, Page 36, Luci Hattersly introduces the reader to overclocking the pi 4. Since I just happen to have one of the 4GB Pi 4's sitting on my bench, I decided to try it out.

The processor is advertised as a 1.5GHZ quad core, but it actually idles at 600MHZ out of the box. The indication shown in screen shot 1 should be divided by 1000 to get the frequency in MHZ. (take the right 3 digits off)
When loaded, however, it jumps up to 1.5GHZ, as shown in screen shot 2. I have all four cores running FFT Spectral Analysis using the BOINC Manager
Following Lucy's directions, I modified the config.txt command to raise the CPU voltage, and frequency, as shown in screen shot 3.
This resulted in the CPU ramping up to 2GHZ when I again loaded all four cores, as shown in screen shot 4
600mhz clock displayed.png
1500mhz clock displayed.png

CONFIG 2000 .png

2000 MHZ Clock.png

As Lucy explained, better cooling is necessary before this is done. Since I have heat sinks on the CPU, GPU, memory, and a fan cooling the case, I should have had no problems, BUT as I look over at the monitor, I see the high temp warning flashing in the upper right hand corner. RATS! Well, at least I learned something new today!! Back to 1.5GHZ for this one until I can cool it better. (drizzle, Drazzle, drozzle, drone, time for this one to come home!!)

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