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OpenSUSE 12.1

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by lucasbytegenius, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Well, I downloaded it as soon as it came out, just as I promised I would ;) And I gotta say, it's awesome, but I have a couple issues with it:

    One, it's hard to manage wireless networks. I have to find the connections panel in Yast and then set up the wireless network, configure it, and then I find that two, it doesn't have the wireless package or whatever it needs (name was iw), and I only have my wireless card to connect with :(

    Maybe I need to select something in the laptop packages while installing, IDK...

    Anyway, I like the way KDE behaves in this version. It looks like they finally got my GPU drive included, but for now I'm back on Ubuntu.

    Has anybody else taken OpenSUSE 12.1 for a spin?

  2. oldlord

    oldlord Guest

    Why open yast to configure wifi? Its much easyer to do it from your taskbar icon.i've did it only once- while installing,and never lost it. Just make sure to enable autoconnect ( you cant miss it )
    I am also testing 12.1 since release and i really cant say nothing but awesome. Very,very stable,fast,nice look and for me as long time fedora user something new. People actualy have no idea how rock stable and fast it is ( tested only kde tbh)I also must say suse is atm by far not that bugged like fedora 16. Thats just my oppinion,things may and i hope will change soon.
    There are a some more nice things to write about last suse,but i dont think i am really right person to do it,regardless i am writing from the phone. However i hope to see more about suse 12.1 here.
  3. Problem was there was no option in the taskbar for the WiFi. I don't know if I left a package out, but it wasn't there.

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