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Jan 10, 2022
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Hey there! I've been turned onto purchasing a Raspberry Pi 4b and learning how to install OpenMPTCP onto it, was to truly bond multiple ISP's together, not via load balancing. I've been trying to follow this guy's tutorial:

However, I've never used Linux before and it is a terrifying prospect. That said, I'm moving to a rural area and need to learn how to truly bond internet connections together into one fast connection, all the while ensuring that if a dropout were to happen with one ISP, the other would maintain connection (no failover).

The only way to "truly bond" internet connections so far that I've found is thru OpenMPTCP. I have a lot of rookie questions if someone would be able to help me, or guide me on the right path.

As per Milan's tutorial in the link above:

I must keep the Pi on a clean install, however with KVM and Ubuntu. Also I must attach a VPS to it. I can't seem to find any tutorials on this, are there any links that anyone could share with me on how to install each and how? I just don't know the language yet to even find the right sources!
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