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Open windows partition in Ubuntu


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Hi Wiki, this is just a holding Post for now, I am from Australia and have to leave for the evening :(

Don't do anything that might affect your Windows install for now.

Do I take it you have a working Ubuntu and is it Ubuntu MATE or Ubuntu Desktop aka GNOME (the ubuntu.iso wil tell the story with its name).

If Ubuntu is working, check to see if it has GParted, aka the GNOME Partition Editor. If using MATE it will be under Menu - System Tools, or if using GNOME, start typing GParted in the Dash, top left corner.

If not installed in either case, go to Terminal Ctrl-Alt-t and type and enter

sudo apt-get -y install gparted
It will ask you for your password, type it in (no movement, security) and Enter.

Someone else will be along to help soon I expect, other than that I will be back in around 14 - 16 hours.

Chris Turner


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Back again Mate, a Wizard's work is never done. Take a gander (look) at the following and see if they seem similar:


If you click the screenshot it will enlarge a little, if you need more visibility, hold your Ctrl key down and tap the plus (+) key a couple of times. Ctrl-0 (zero) will return you to your usual viewing.

If this is close and I think it is, then this article will help.


See how you go with that, and let us know.




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In the OP (original post... an attached image) I understand the problem to be that Windows will not boot from the Ubuntu/GRUB bootloader. The hibernation issue should not stop Windows from booting. The Ubuntu error you see is basically just telling you one problem that it sees... that it will not mount the Windows partition when it is in this hibernation state (which helps to protect your data).

I would first ask you to try to interrupt your computer booting (sometimes ESC, or some F-key like F9, or F10)... and when you interrupt the boot you should be able to see a "Boot Menu" and a "Setup" option. In the Boot Menu, among the options there should be something like "Boot from EFI file". If you arrow up or down to highlight that entry, hit Enter, it should take you into some deeper levels where you should eventually see a <microsoft> entry. Entering into that area should show something like Windows Boot Manager... it might look like bootmgr. Highlighting and hitting Enter on that may start your Windows system successfully. Of course, this isn't the way to start Windows every time, but it will let you in so you can turn off hibernation and maybe backup up any critical files before you continue further.

It may also be possible instead of Boot Menu to go into the Setup option... this is your BIOS/UEFI Setup. There will be a "Boot" section inside there where "Boot Order" can sometimes be picked. If so, you may see the Windows Boot Manager listed separately, and you may can "move it to the top of the list" (usually by highlighting it and moving it with the F6 or some other F-key). If you can do this, then Save your changes and exit... and with luck it will reboot into Windows. This step will likely break Ubuntu though, but Ubuntu might still be accessible from the first method I described above, but instead of looking in <microsoft> you would look inside a <ubuntu> level for it's boot file.

All of this above is mostly from memory, so don't take it as exact instructions. But maybe you can poke around in the Boot Menu or Setup and see what I'm talking about, and hopefully get Windows to boot again. If it breaks Ubuntu, then we'll go from there to try to fix that.


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