Open Suse Security.


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May 14, 2021
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The Open Suse Security team has released a long article about how they review Security issues with KDE6 , It's quite impressive.
I've found out of all the KDE6 Distros I've tried so far Open Suse tumbleweed to be the best for stability and Just working.

Thanks for this. I will take a good read at it when I have a moment.

I will say this. If you run Kubernetes, there isn't any product like SUSE's NeuVector Kubernetes Security Platform around. (That I've ever seen anyhow) It's like when the world moved from Anti-Virus to EDR solutions, except for Kubernetes.

To be completely open, I don't have any affiliation with SUSE except that I subscribe (my day job) to SUSE support for several things. (NeuVector being one of them) Though I'm not a big SUSE Linux guy. (I tend to stick to Redhat derivatives of Linux like Rocky or Alma) Though, the are a great business and great for the Linux and Open Source community overall.

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