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Old Toshiba Laptop

Gina Welch

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Jul 3, 2018
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Hi everyone.. I have an old toshiba laptop, 32 bit, 2.5 ram, AMD 64x2, 1.60 Ghz /Windows Vista. Chrome no longer works and Vista is no longer supported. So I want to wipe it clean and add a Linux OS. Any suggestions? This is strictly a play laptop now and I want to see what I can do with it. Thanks

Hi @Gina Welch & welcome to linux.org :)

Do I take it, that you installed the latest, Linux Lite 4.0? If so, then it is the first of their product to ship with Timeshift, which is covered in their Tutorials on the Help Manual @arochester has referred to.

If the previous version, 3.8, Timeshift is not installed by default, but can be added as per my Tutorial here


Also, if you have not already enabled your firewall in LL, you can do so with the following, at Terminal

sudo ufw enable

It will prompt for your password, enter it (there will be no apparent movement at the insertion point (security) and press Enter, you will get something like this


Cheers and enjoy your adventures ;)

Chris Turner

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