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Oh partitions..no disk space..help


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Oct 15, 2022
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Okay so im still new with Linux. My disk space is completely full. I have tried sudo apt autoremove and all of that. I did however buy a 132 GB snow belle usb card that stays in my laptop 24/7. Is there a way I can use this to free up some space...also could I alter my partition to make more space?

Which linux are you running.....linux mint (cinnamon)..?....
How big is your hdd/ssd ?

Some detail please....partition that Linux is on...size...?.....what else is on the hdd/ssd ?
See the link in my signature about asking a good support question - it's not a slight, it's that it's exceedingly hard to really ask good questions.

While you could use your USB as some sort of default space, even migrating /home to it, that would run exceedingly slow with the throughput speeds offered by USB.
And how long have you been running Mint (after answering above)?

Have you familiarised yourself with Timeshift?

My first guess is you have left it as the default, on auto, and it is gobbling up the space.

Chris Turner
Without info we can't help...using a Flash Drive to add more space is a very bad idea.

Another thing...for your internal Drive to run efficiently you must have at least 20% of free space.

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