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hello fellow intellectuals! i will begin by saying that i am well versed in linguistics, but my grammar may not indicate as much. thank you for ignoring this fact! BEFORE ignoring my boorishly long post consider sending me advice, tutorial, and/or verification for the uncle jerry version of bt5 r3 found on, this would be most helpful to begin.

i am a young science buff, one who happens to have suffered some brain damage causing a simple learning disability. I do well with simplicity but am seeking to diversify my comfort zone, in doing so i have included the contents of my pocket(imagine that). In this case the aforementioned contents of said pocket would be an ARMv7 android powered smartphone. in my endeavors to entertain my intrigue i have taken a nose dive at terminal velocity into the world of technologies! I would like to extend my interests to the finite aspects of binary, programming, and hardware mechanics.

i chose to begin with rooting my phone to explore the file-systems and perform a little reverse engineering to learn more about scripts and system files etc. of course i failed with the greatest humiliation i could suffer, i accessed my system and selected the "system" folder menu, and dropped my TOUCHSCREEN phone scrambling to catch it! of course with the menu already open it was easy to foresee the possibility that i might accidentally touch the wrong thing, and thats what happened! deleting my entire system folder! i did manage to fix this massive DUH moment, but have moved on to learning all-encompassing aspects of technology. i am a vagrant youth, owning nothing more than this laptop, a pile of smartphones, and several outfits. no internet modem or otherwise, and no way to pay for phone service to tether my connection. so my connectivity is variant on location.

-FIRST and MOST important is since i cannot guarantee my connection, is there a location that i can find RELIABLE guides on linux and builds that describe in simplicity how-to, front to back, top to bottom, inside and out, and is downloadable as pdf for viewing offline on either my laptop or my android. it doesnt need to be pdf but you get the idea:)
-which build IS my best option? (i learned that the many versions available are made by third-party developers, and i would like the absolute greatest diversity of tools, programs, presets, and configurations allowing to learn ANYTHING i might find interesting.
-can i run windows programs on Linux?
-can i alter my system configurations to overclock my hardware?
-can i really boot bt5 r3 on my android device?
-how do i alter my disk partitions to accomadate numerous systems
-please please PLEASE! send me links to guides for all things tech. i will be lucky to get a connection to web once or twice a month. so i cannot google like everyone else

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