NVidia integer scaling


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I've just got an NVidia 1660 Super but the option for integer scaling appears to be missing in the NVidia Control Panel. Up until now, I've been using an NVidia 970 and the following command:

nvidia-settings -a CurrentMetaMode="DP-0: 2560x1440_165 {ViewPortIn=1280x720, ViewPortOut=2560x1440, ResamplingMethod=Nearest }"

This has worked fairly well but was hoping now NVidia official supports integer scaling I hoped I wouldn't need to go through the above faff anymore. Also this method is not ideal, most games ran in full screen don't work and you have to use windowed mode, with the window placed in the top left corner, for any chance of success.

A new command line option now exists with nvidia-settings now perhaps? Please help.

Distro is Debian Buster using XFCE4 if that matters to anyone :)