ntfs usb drives destination socket error -but the same disks are working booting from the live distro!


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I'm new on this forum and mint, but I play with linux sometimes.
I'm trying to setup a mint-box mostly to run kodi with a 2 years old hardware. The files I want to play are on external ntfs usb disks.
When I plug them I get the error "errore nel recuperare informazioni per il file "/media/elly/ntfs": il socket di destinazione non è connesso" - that's Italian and could be translated to "error to get information on the file "/media/elly/ntfs": the destination socket is not connected". (where elly is the user and ntfs the disk name)
This happens with two external hd, with an usb disk formatted to ntfs from linux (as a test) and also a simple ntfs pendrive.
The weird thing is that I can mount all of them, read and write files on them, if I boot from the installation usb pendrive! All of them become owned by "mint - live session user", group "mint" and mounted in /media/mint/diskname.
So the problem must be on the installation side, maybe users or auto-mount-points? not the hardware.
Can someone help me please?
Thank you.
Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia

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