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Sep 14, 2021
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Hello, I am very very new to linux and just got kali installed yesterday alongside windows 10, I used it for a while had a bit of fun with 'Storm Breaker' and then later on.. I ran *sudo apt update* and then *sudo apt upgrade* the upgrade command added a lot of stuff which accounted upto 1.3GB..
Not sure what all it installed..
But after the update, every time I try to launch any tool, it says:
"Failed to launch preferred application for category 'TerminalEmulator'.
"Could not find fallback TerminalEmulator application."

And also I can't use the the main terminal since that gives the same error, for now, I am using 'qterminal'..
Can someone please help me how to fix this error..
And also since I am very new to this, a little description would be highly appreciated..
Thankss for reading!
Please do help me outt!

Try Ctrl+Alt+F2 (or F<number above 2>) and use the tty :
1. Login as root or yourself and change to root (sudo -i or su root or sudo su)
2. apt-get clean && apt-get update
3. apt-get purge qterminal -y && apt-get autoremove -y && apt-get install qterminal -y
4. If that doesn't work, try installing a different terminal like Gnome's or XFCE's as they will prolly fix your desktop defaults config mess automatically.
5. Such large upgrades, 1.3GB could mean you have an outdated image and there are many changes between then and now which include software removal from repos, etc.

TBH, Kali is not a good dektop distro. It is for pentesting. If you are not into pentesting as you primary use for a Linux OS, don't use Kali. Currently it is Debian-based. Previously, it was Ubuntu-based. My advice is go with vanilla Debian if you like tinkering and having fine control. Otherwise go with Linux Mint (or Linux Mint Debian Edition).
You can change the look and feel as much as you like in either (although it's simpler in Debian).
Kali is not for beginners or desktop users and is a terrible intro to Linux. Really, it's a useful tool if you like to hack/pentest/fiddle/tinker. But if you want an OS, Debian and Mint do a great job.
Please see this thread:


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